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High-Quality Racing Sails


Expertly Shaped To Fit

At Stephen Ratsey Sailmakers we have an ongoing development as a result of constant feed back from existing customers. We have proven race designs. We use the latest sail design programs to shape the sail and to mould it perfectly to your boat. We have the ability to shape the leech of a genoa to hug the spreaders and enable perfect sheeting. With mainsails we can shape the luff curve to match the sail to the curve of the mast. With this criteria met, our sail design gives the perfect race sail set up.


Sail Cloth Choices

This is the most important decision in any race sail; quite often your decision will be made by budget.

The cheapest race sails are made from woven Dacron cloth. The main advantage being longevity and the main disadvantage being stretch under load. The weave of Dacron cloth means it is very flexible and doesn't break down from creasing, but the threads of the cloth are trying to straighten under load therefore it does stretch and can loose shape.

The next stage of cloth is a laminate there are three main types:

- Polyester
- Pentex
- Kevlar

Kevlar is the most resistant to stretch (3-5 times better than woven Dacron).

All laminates are made in a similar way having the main load bearing yarns running down the cloth with others at 90° and 45°. These strands are all lined to the stresses of the sail.

The panel layout and the fabric have a huge benefit in shape retention over woven Dacron, so to anyone serious about racing, laminate cloth is the only choice.

Kevlar is being used more and more in race sails because of the introduction of X-Tech fabric from Dimension Polyant (green coloured sails). This has brought about a good balance between performance and durability.


Optimum Performance


Our race spinnakers are specially designed for optimum downwind performance using high quality AIRX spinnaker fabrics.


We use all the latest technology for constructing your race sails, all sails consist of:-

- laser cut panels for perfect accuracy.
- Latest Battern Development.
- Sail cloth made as light as possible and as durable as possible.

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